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Andrew M. Williams - Energy Healer

Andrew M. Williams – Energy Healer

Andrew discovered his own innate ability to use healing energy in the 1970s. After many years of alternative healing studies, he became a Certified Advanced Energy Healer in 1997, graduating the seminal and revolutionary School of Energy Mastery (no longer in existence).  Andrew is a Sufi initiate, and draws from this powerful stream of ancient wisdom in his work, as well as the ancient Aramaic Prayer lineage and Kundalini Kryia and Yoga practices. Andrew is currently expanding his Spiritual Energy Healing practice in Fort Worth, Texas, and plans to start his own school teaching clairvoyant healing skills.

A longtime student of metaphysics, Spirituality, energy healing and alternative physical healing, Andrew has conducted workshops for Unity Church of Fort Worth, IONS, and various other groups. He is currently conducting workshops independently in Ft Worth, Texas. To schedule an appointment with Andrew or to book him for a speaking engagement or workshop, please call or text him at 817–925-6824.

Andrew serves clients in person in the Dallas-Ft Worth TX area, and with telephone sessions all over the world.

Andrew M. Williams with Tibetan Monks

Andrew M. Williams with Tibetan Monks