Opening and Balancing the Chakras

This Explains How the Chakras Really Work. 

Chakra Lightbody

Opening and balancing the chakras, or energy centers, is a very misunderstood concept. The chakras are indeed able to open and to come into balance with one another and with one’s life purpose. However, the healing that takes place deep within us is the cause, and so to try to influence the chakra as an end in itself is a misperception of how the chakra system really works, and is actually a reverse understanding of the process. The analogy I use is that pushing the needle over to ‘Full’ on your car’s gas gauge wouldn’t affect the amount of gas in your tank, and in the same way, you can’t permanently force a chakra open or balance it within the entire system by applying energy. A chakra is a portal to and a reflection of the reality deep inside a person. Let’s examine each of the seven chakras from this perspective:

As our connection to living life here on mother earth, with our ‘tribe’, and with an enthusiasm for living life to its fullest is felt strongly (as opposed to wishing we were some other place), the first (root) chakra connects deeply to our home planet with all its power.

As the inner child begins to heal the old wounds and feels safe and cherished, and returns to the innocence of the magical child, the second chakra opens and returns to balance. In my practice I have found that this area of life, more than any other, contains the key to our deepest healing. And the best part is that with some expert healing guidance, we ourselves learn to provide this love and safety, so it is dependent on no one else!

As the power and personality center in the belly becomes purified and able to hold compassion within a framework of self-empowerment and truth, the third chakra opens and balances with the others. Please note; in my opinion there is no such thing as a human being ‘destroying the ego’; that is a myth. As the ego becomes purified, our personality becomes one of our most beautiful qualities, as was clearly demonstrated by Yeshua the Christ, Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha, and all the other holy enlightened ones in history.

As the heart chakra becomes free of acquired pain, and the flow of giving and receiving unconditioned love becomes reestablished, unencumbered and automatic, the fourth chakra will fully open to a beautiful and majestic balance ~ and life will begin to change dramatically! I personally find the energetic opening of the human heart to be one of the most profoundly moving and joyful things I have experienced in my practice.

At this point, the normally slow process of Kundalini or Life Force Energy release will begin to really accelerate, and the higher chakras will begin to activate themselves as this personal energy stored in the first chakra flows ‘upward’ unimpeded to them through the open portal of the heart chakra, and the Divine Prahnic Light flows ‘down’ through the crown chakra, third eye, throat, and into the heart chakra to meet it.

The throat chakra will finally begin to really open and rotate, and express destiny and life purpose. This is the true deep esoteric nature of the fifth chakra, and is much greater than simply ‘speaking your truth’ as is commonly taught, although that is also a part of it. Those familiar with the meanings of ‘dharma’ can apply the concept to this powerful chakra’s essence.

As the third eye in the sixth chakra opens, intuition becomes much more defined, and clairvoyance and visions, as well as prophetic and lucid dreams may begin. Divine guidance and inner sight can eventually be developed and refined to depths that most people would consider incredible, and hearing and understanding Higher Self instruction can become as easy as daydreaming and ‘talking to yourself’ once was. Clairsentience, clairaudience, and all such extrasensory perceptions may begin to develop, depending upon the proclivities of the individual. These can also be taught to an initiate by transmission (initiation) at this point.

As previously noted, the crown chakra will begin to open much more, allowing an expansion of the two-way stream of Divine Light, the Pranic energy which we were all designed to ‘breathe’ in through the top of our heads. This Healing White Light that replaced the lower energies found throughout the lower chakra system as the initial clearing work was being done quickens the Kundalini, or Serpent Fire energy, uncoiling from the first (sacral) chakra. The Divine White Light that is flowing in through the crown chakra intensifies as the root chakra, now deeply grounded into Mother earth, magnetically connects with it through an unrestricted chakra system, and the Kundalini energy and the White Light are now able to dynamically flow and interact together, and empower the individual in amazing ways. There are very few words in English for what I am trying to convey here, but this is the true way of “opening and balancing the chakras”. It happens as a result of this deep process of clearing and takes real devotion to your healing. Becoming an advanced healer yourself is one way to approach it. Having someone wave their hands over you slowly is not going to do it.

The chakras have special connections with each other. In my experience, the first and seventh chakras have the strongest and most energetically important connection, and I utilize this connection and the White Light almost exclusively to transmute the lower energies. The Eastern traditions are more identified with consciousness as ‘God’ and awakening the kundalini, or personal energy, to gain enlightenment or self-realization.

The teachings of Christ, the Sufis, and other Desert Wisdom traditions are more identified with the Divine White Light from the Most High as a manifestation of Divine Spirit, or ‘God’, and devotion to this concept and its practices to attain ‘enlightenment’. In my view, the truth is they are inseparable.

I am now practicing healing techniques that both bring up the kundalini energy and invoke the Divine White Light down through the crown chakra, meeting at the heart, the center of our being. 

So, there is little need for practices designed to ‘open’ the chakras above the heart until you do the inner work needed to fully open and align the first four. See my articles on the higher chakras for the wonderful experiences that await you there!

In the West, there are various chakra meditations, guided visualizations, chants, crystals, aromas, music, and many other such things designed to help with this process, including many modalities of energy healing, usually involving waving hands over the client, that are designed for “opening and balancing the chakras”. How effective they are is probably questionable, although a regular deep meditation practice is extremely helpful if not essential. There are many, many ways to heal. There are, of course, many genuine esoteric practices which will allow one to reach deep states of healing and expanded awareness, especially Eastern and Native ones. Part of the true purpose of yoga is to allow the glands to function optimally and transform the energy received through the chakras to use for evolutionary purposes. If you are able and willing to find and then devote yourself to a monastery with an authentic realized Guru, these traditions are great, but this can be a lifetime endeavor. I believe that the time for a truly enlightening method of healing adaptable to the Western lifestyle is here. Learning advanced Spiritual Energy Healing is an accelerated way of opening the door to this way of living and helping others to heal.

So, in conclusion, opening and balancing the chakras is a result of healing and enlightenment – not an end in itself. It is the deep clearing of energies that do not serve your highest good; what I call Spiritual Energy Healing, that results in an open and balanced chakra system

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Understanding Chakras

Formation of the Lower Chakra System – 1.

This article helps you in understanding chakras and addresses commonly held misperceptions regarding opening and balancing the chakras. If you have wanted to really understand the chakra system and how it works, read on.

The seven chakra system, a part of the ancient Hindu system of energetic anatomy, has become increasingly popular in modern Western culture since the 1960’s. Each chakra, literally “turning wheel” from the original Sanskrit, is a dynamic energy vortex, a spiraling doorway into the very deepest aspects of our being, with each holding particular and similar aspects of our reality. Chakras transmit as well as receive energy, and they can be thought of as key portals into our deepest inner being.

Chakras are neither totally ‘open’ nor ‘closed’, they function with varying degrees of openness. I use a degree measurement system. (more…)


Chakra Qualities

Chakra system

#1 Root, Connection to the Earth, Survival. Opens in conjunction with crown chakra.

#2 Inner child, magical child, sex and relationships. Watery, sensitive, usually where cords to others and our deepest wounds are found. Has direct relationship with throat chakra.

#3 Personal power, seat of ego, protector, often where entities attach. Has direct relationship with sixth Chakra.

#4 The Heart is center of our being, where our Mother Earth and Divine connections meet. This is The Crucible, where alchemical transformation of energy happens and where love is given and received. Of all chakra qualities, this is perhaps the most profound in terms of ability to change the reality.

#5 Manifestation in our lives on all levels, speaking our Truth being only the most obvious here. Dharma, or life path, when being worked in a positive manner, is embodied here.  

#6 Dreams, visions, clairvoyance and intuitive inner sight are inherent to this chakra.

#7 Connection to God, Spirit, and the Divine. All chakras are involved in both sending and receiving energy, but the crown chakra is the channel for your stream of Divine Prahnic energy. Opens in conjunction with the first chakra.


First Chakra Formation

Part 1 in a series concerning the formation of the lower chakra system.

From early childhood onward, our lives begin to include trauma that results in suppressed fear and pain. Often this begins even before birth, as when a baby is unwanted, or there is animosity or discord between the parents. A fetus is much more aware and connected to the energies around it than is commonly realized. This feeling of a lack of safety, along with early  traumatic events, engenders a host of negative emotions and variations of consciousness associated with it through the years, which I will call “energies”. The energies usually remain buried in the person’s psyche, below their conscious awareness, until certain powerful events cause them to emerge. Romantic relationships are often the catalyst for this, as well as interactions with close family members and many other personal events.

At the core of human pain and feelings of loss is our separation from God and the Divine. Fully regaining this connection could be said to be ‘enlightenment’, and although there are many traditions to help us reach this, I believe that some path of energetic and emotional healing must be a part of our journey back to the wholeness we seek.

As our first year of life unfolds, we become indoctrinated into the consensual reality of our parents and humanity, and we begin to forget our connection to the Divine. The timing varies with the individual, but living in a society as we do, it is in the natural order of things to begin to develop a concept of duality and an ego. Ego, carried in the 3rd chakra, protects us; it gives us the personal power to interact with others in what is often perceived, especially as a child, as a cruel world. It also becomes a block to our re-enlightenment.

So, at birth, and for some months and perhaps a year or so afterwards, we are really still one with Spirit in consciousness; for the little baby there is a Oneness that we as adults have forgotten. This is living life through the first (Muladhara) chakra and seventh or crown chakra. The Sanskrit word for chakra means ‘turning wheel’. The first chakra is an energetic vortex located at the very bottom of our spine, the physical coccyx, or ‘tailbone’. Although seen as separate in the world of duality, our mother is an intrinsic part of that Oneness, provided we are lucky enough to have a mother figure, hopefully one that holds and adores us the way all babies should be cherished. This loving nurturance reinforces and integrates the baby’s connection to God, humanity, and earth-plane at once, and the effects of being neglected at this time are a withering of the soul and even death, as seen with orphans who have no loving physical contact with a caregiver.

A few persistent souls cling to this Oneness for several years, and their entire lives will likely remain imbued with a deep spirituality, much as can be found in those who have had near-death or other deeply mystical revelatory experiences. They are typically the ones who feel as if they would be fine with shedding their physical body and passing on to “the other side”, and this may be felt in their first chakra by a clairsentient person as a very ‘light’ connection to the earth. Clairsentience is extrasensory perception through a direct ‘knowing’. Their soul may not have even entered the baby’s body until sometime after birth, often a symptom of not wishing to leave “The Garden” of Oneness with Spirit.

The deeply grounded first chakra, on the other hand, has a strong feeling of the ‘will to be here on earth’ to it. There are many variations to the feel of all the chakras. Neither of these two examples are “better” than the other. However, a first chakra connection that is weak and fearful of ‘being here’ is a different and unbalanced connection, and inevitably causes problems for the person holding it.

The first chakra has a direct esoteric connection with the seventh, or crown, chakra, and in my own experience, these two operate in conjunction with each other more than any other ‘pair’ of chakras.

© Andrew M. Williams


Second Chakra Formation

Part 2 – Formation of the Lower Chakra System – Second Chakra.

Before a year has passed, we begin to recognize a duality; there is ‘other’ – mother – and there is ‘me’…and so our second chakra begins to develop. The Sanskrit word for this chakra is Swadhisthana. It is called the Sacral chakra in English. This energy vortex in located about two fingers below the navel and in the reproductive organs and is creative in nature. Now the baby sees that it’s body, it’s fingers and limbs, are separate from mother and from others, and begins to differentiate between themselves and the rest of their small world. When doing energy work with an adult, and contact with their inner child is established, I typically find the child’s age to range between three and seven years old, and these years are when the second chakra is developing. Children from birth to this period are so open and tender that even the ones who seem to have the best home and family life are routinely exposed to traumatic events. To their parents and others such as friends, relatives, and teachers, these usually seem to be the normal childhood experiences, but to the child, they are often very traumatic and scary, and can be imbued with negative energies. Feeling a dark presence such as “the monster under the bed” is a common manifestation during this part of a child’s life. From late pre-birth through this period of second chakra development is when most of the seeds of pain and fear are planted, and they stay within and grow into deeper patterns for the entire lifetime of the individual, unless deep healing is somehow achieved – which is quite rare. Later, after puberty, this potent period of life from about three to seven years of age will coalesce into the inner child, seated in the second chakra.

Deep fear is the most universal core energy I find, and it will often manifest as energetic-sourced pain in the second chakra area of the body. At its core, it seems to be most related to a fear of death. 

Although various other aspects of the second chakra are to be found and the inner child is ofttimes not even mentioned in the literature; my own training and experience has shown me that inner child is without a doubt the predominant aspect of this energy center. Of course, sexuality and other important energetic aspects are a part of the second chakra. Still, one must have a real life experience working with chakra-based energy healing to understand the importance of the inner child, and I find much of the Western-based literature about chakras to be second-hand information listing basic colors, stones with affinities for each chakra, and other such references with sparse value. Of course there are wonderful books on this ancient Hindu energetic science, and some of the English literature about them and especially kundalini (life-force or serpent-fire energy) is profound, but it is a scavenger hunt to find the ones that are not superfluous to healing. It was my good luck to attend a real healing mystery school in the mid ’90s that taught through experiential work.

Interestingly, negative parasitic-like fragments of consciousness which I will call ‘entities’ which seem to originate from outside the person and have a rather primitive but separate consciousness from the individual are often attracted to these buried pains and fears, and with the unprotected psychic openness of a child who yields to any source for ‘help’, they enter and find a welcome place to take up residence. Read part 3 on the third chakra for more on this, as this is where they are typically found.

For the many unfortunate children who are not given a mother’s deep love as all children need; for those raised in emotionally cold and dark settings, those with extremely unbalanced or brutal parents or guardians who do not show them love, naturally these energies of pain, fear, abandonment and the like become deeply etched into their psyche and their very being, and the ‘entities’ play a major role. This results in many of the extremes of emotional turmoil we see in people all around us in society, including the psychotic and criminal behaviors we simply cannot fathom.

Voice dialog process is the method I generally use with energies that have individuated consciousness, whether they are originally from ‘outside’ or ‘inside’ the client, and often the phenomena of an energy with a seemingly separate consciousness presents itself as totally self-generated as well. Sub-personalities are a good example of this; for example, the judge, the victim, the seductress, the accuser and so on. Higher aspects such as the inner child, the higher self, guardian angels, and indeed all aspects of a client all can be contacted and worked with using this method. The conference room modality is a wonderful method for getting all these together at once for the purpose of the client’s healing.

The more evolved consciousnesses from ‘outside’, often termed “ET” (for extraterrestrial), the so-called “Grays” and others first popularized by books and movies are a different problem, and are beyond the scope of this article. If you are not having visitations it is a good idea to not even investigate them without a good reason.

The point in working to discharge these “energies” is that none of them are from the Light of God, and the ‘guidance’ they provide is always inferior to the connection with Higher Self and the Divine, which is brought in to replace them in a complete session.

The second chakra is esoterically related to the fifth chakra.

© Andrew M. Williams