Chakra Qualities

Chakra system

#1 Root, Connection to the Earth, Survival. Opens in conjunction with crown chakra.

#2 Inner child, magical child, sex and relationships. Watery, sensitive, usually where cords to others and our deepest wounds are found. Has direct relationship with throat chakra.

#3 Personal power, seat of ego, protector, often where entities attach. Has direct relationship with sixth Chakra.

#4 The Heart is center of our being, where our Mother Earth and Divine connections meet. This is The Crucible, where alchemical transformation of energy happens and where love is given and received. Of all chakra qualities, this is perhaps the most profound in terms of ability to change the reality.

#5 Manifestation in our lives on all levels, speaking our Truth being only the most obvious here. Dharma, or life path, when being worked in a positive manner, is embodied here.  

#6 Dreams, visions, clairvoyance and intuitive inner sight are inherent to this chakra.

#7 Connection to God, Spirit, and the Divine. All chakras are involved in both sending and receiving energy, but the crown chakra is the channel for your stream of Divine Prahnic energy. Opens in conjunction with the first chakra.