Fifth Chakra Formation

Part 5 – Formation of the Higher Chakra System – Fifth Chakra.

The fifth chakra, Vissudha in  Sanskrit, is located in the throat below the chin. Although all aspects of speech, including being in one’s truth, are a part of this chakra’s function, this is widely misunderstood as the primary aspect of the throat chakra. This is not nearly the full understanding of this chakra’s true power. In fact, the throat chakra is the seat of our ‘dharma’, or life purpose, and it is through this energy center that our spiritual lives become manifest in the world, so it is powerful indeed. I use my throat chakra in healing sessions, as it has the ability to send and transform energy when awakened. In most people, I see the throat chakra as a ‘frozen river’, like ice waiting to thaw out and move, or as a candle that is waiting to be ‘lit’. In other words, it is dormant. Relatively few people have had their throat chakra begin to really open and thus start living their true life’s purpose. This is something that happens with a deep alignment with the Divine Spirit. Just as being in your power in a highly balanced way represents proper functioning of the third chakra, and living with highly attuned senses of compassion, forgiveness, and love represents the same in the heart, so does being in truth with your speech correlate to the opened and functioning throat chakra. But, as with all higher chakras, there is a deeply powerful Divine aspect to the fifth human energy center. It can be best described as the power of Divine Manifestation. A few examples of this are found in Paramhansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi, a book that has deeply touched many lives. In it, he demonstrates his power of manifestation by speaking what he wills to have happen, such as finding a meal for himself and a disbelieving relative where no meal would have been thought to be available. This is a quick rendering of the understanding that “energy follows thought”, and speech, which represents thought. It is similar to our Western concept of ‘positive thinking’, but much more powerful. The throat chakra is used this way, both in speech and silently, to manifest everything from a synchronicity, such as a meal, to a life’s path in alignment with Divine will. This is the deep esoteric truth of the power of the fifth chakra.

The fifth chakra has an esoteric connection to the second chakra.

© Andrew M. Williams