First Chakra Formation

Part 1 in a series concerning the formation of the lower chakra system.

From early childhood onward, our lives begin to include trauma that results in suppressed fear and pain. Often this begins even before birth, as when a baby is unwanted, or there is animosity or discord between the parents. A fetus is much more aware and connected to the energies around it than is commonly realized. This feeling of a lack of safety, along with early  traumatic events, engenders a host of negative emotions and variations of consciousness associated with it through the years, which I will call “energies”. The energies usually remain buried in the person’s psyche, below their conscious awareness, until certain powerful events cause them to emerge. Romantic relationships are often the catalyst for this, as well as interactions with close family members and many other personal events.

At the core of human pain and feelings of loss is our separation from God and the Divine. Fully regaining this connection could be said to be ‘enlightenment’, and although there are many traditions to help us reach this, I believe that some path of energetic and emotional healing must be a part of our journey back to the wholeness we seek.

As our first year of life unfolds, we become indoctrinated into the consensual reality of our parents and humanity, and we begin to forget our connection to the Divine. The timing varies with the individual, but living in a society as we do, it is in the natural order of things to begin to develop a concept of duality and an ego. Ego, carried in the 3rd chakra, protects us; it gives us the personal power to interact with others in what is often perceived, especially as a child, as a cruel world. It also becomes a block to our re-enlightenment.

So, at birth, and for some months and perhaps a year or so afterwards, we are really still one with Spirit in consciousness; for the little baby there is a Oneness that we as adults have forgotten. This is living life through the first (Muladhara) chakra and seventh or crown chakra. The Sanskrit word for chakra means ‘turning wheel’. The first chakra is an energetic vortex located at the very bottom of our spine, the physical coccyx, or ‘tailbone’. Although seen as separate in the world of duality, our mother is an intrinsic part of that Oneness, provided we are lucky enough to have a mother figure, hopefully one that holds and adores us the way all babies should be cherished. This loving nurturance reinforces and integrates the baby’s connection to God, humanity, and earth-plane at once, and the effects of being neglected at this time are a withering of the soul and even death, as seen with orphans who have no loving physical contact with a caregiver.

A few persistent souls cling to this Oneness for several years, and their entire lives will likely remain imbued with a deep spirituality, much as can be found in those who have had near-death or other deeply mystical revelatory experiences. They are typically the ones who feel as if they would be fine with shedding their physical body and passing on to “the other side”, and this may be felt in their first chakra by a clairsentient person as a very ‘light’ connection to the earth. Clairsentience is extrasensory perception through a direct ‘knowing’. Their soul may not have even entered the baby’s body until sometime after birth, often a symptom of not wishing to leave “The Garden” of Oneness with Spirit.

The deeply grounded first chakra, on the other hand, has a strong feeling of the ‘will to be here on earth’ to it. There are many variations to the feel of all the chakras. Neither of these two examples are “better” than the other. However, a first chakra connection that is weak and fearful of ‘being here’ is a different and unbalanced connection, and inevitably causes problems for the person holding it.

The first chakra has a direct esoteric connection with the seventh, or crown, chakra, and in my own experience, these two operate in conjunction with each other more than any other ‘pair’ of chakras.

© Andrew M. Williams



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