Seventh Chakra Formation

Part 7 – Formation of the Higher Chakra System – Seventh Chakra.

The seventh chakra is known in Sanskrit as Sahasrara, the thousand petaled lotus, and as the ‘crown’ in English. It is at the very top of the head, thus ‘crown’. This chakra is the point of entrance for the Divine Light; prahnic energy. It sends as well as receives energy, as do all the chakras, although the reception of Divine Light Energy is of prime importance here. This is the portal to the Divine, and as such, considered the focus where high level initiates of Eastern disciplines enter the various exalted states of Samadhi, or enlightenment and Oneness with God. This seventh chakra opens in conjunction with the first or base chakra. As the Divine Light enters, in my experience the base chakra seems to sometimes serve as a ‘grounding rod’, allowing the light to pass down through the heart and into the earth star, much as electricity would do if a high charge were to build up. This process of light reception can be activated and “called in”, using the Divine White Light to replace the old undesirable energies with one of holiness, guidance and connection with God and higher self. I use this technique in practically every healing session at this point, as it is the most effective I have ever found for clearing energies and bringing in the holiness that is such an intrinsic part of the healing process. This part of a session often feels like an initiation, and for those that have never experienced such a thing, it can be subtle and yet quite powerful. A profound stillness and serenity that defies description can enter during this later phase of a session. There often is a communion with the Sacred Divine Light, or God, that allows a surrender of burdens and the answer to any question to come in. It can manifest in many different ways; as a cone of light coming down all around the client, a stream of electric light directly entering the crown, or with a subtle opening feeling in the crown like a tiny breeze in the hair. It is unfailingly pure white, sometimes with a slight touch of florescent blue (wisdom). Sometimes when one is feeling limited in their meditation practice and blocked in achieving higher states, a sort of ‘cap’ can be found in the energetic realms, hovering just above the crown chakra and blocking the light transmission, and by transforming this, the practitioner can go higher. Although most healing work is by necessity focused on the lower chakras, when I arrive at this point in working with the higher energy centers, it is certainly a fascinating and pleasurable part of the process. It must be noted that no claim should be made by a healer that he or she is the source of healing, for the true Source of this Divine Light is Spirit, and I am only a facilitator through which it flows. However, a facilitator is necessary, for we simply cannot see ourselves with our own eye, and the realities we initially may find are seen through many veils and mirrors. I still perform sessions upon myself often with Divine Spirit as the healer, and enjoy experiencing a few other’s techniques as well, although I have as yet found no one using my methods since the original amazing mystery school formerly known as ‘The School of Energy Mastery’ disbanded many years ago. If you do a search for it now, you will find many that have appropriated the name, however, they are not the same school.

I have enjoyed this exercise of transcribing my experiences in healing using the map of the human chakra system immensely. For those of you that have read this entire set of articles, I want to deeply thank you for your interest, and invite you to write or call for more information on either session work or becoming a student. I have found that writing on this subject is something I thoroughly enjoy, and hope that you will revisit this site in the future for more articles that may appear. It is my intention to open my own school of spiritual energy healing in 2017, and I will post news of  developments here on this site under ‘events’ as it manifests. Classes are being held in 2017 and are proving to be more than I had even hoped for.


The Divine Spark within my Heart Bows to the Divine Spark within Your Heart

© Andrew M. Williams