Third Chakra Formation

Part 3 – Formation of the Lower Chakra System – Third Chakra.

Now we progress to the third chakra, or Manipura in Sanskrit. It is called the Solar Plexus in English. This chakra is located about two fingers above the navel, but can vary a bit; it is generally the area of the belly around and above the navel, while the second chakra is around the abdomen. This spot will also often present with energetic pain, especially from sudden or deeply felt anxiety or a severe challenge to the ego; thus the “knot in the stomach” feeling. Once attuned, you can literally find the center of each chakra with a single finger, just as you can feel where the layers of the subtle bodies begin and end.

As the child grows through these formative years the personality begins to develop, and as the third chakra coalesces, a more solid and coherent ego is formed.

They are often viewed during this period as the rebellious youngster, and this becomes very evident in the teenage years, when the young person is trying to establish an identity of their own. The way in which the youngster’s personality and ego develops is deeply affected by several factors, certainly including their inborn unique soul, but the family environment is one of the strongest influences, followed by interaction with peers and teachers in their school environment, unless home-schooled.

To take a common example, when the child has been severely challenged in some way, such as being overly punished, the third chakra (as well as the fourth, the heart) will probably take on a protective shield-like quality, but the resulting personality traits may manifest in many different ways depending on the person.

They may become passive and withdrawn; they could develop an over-defensiveness, or the resulting buried rage could develop into an aggressive and violent attitude. I find this to be one of the most interesting aspects of practicing spiritual energy healing. I have observed that the same type of incident or similar chain of events that occurs in one person’s life can manifest in radically different outcomes for another person. That is why I have often referred to each client, and each healing session, as being like a ‘snowflake’. While sharing so many common experiences, we really are all still very unique; a configuration of many influences, including not only environmental ones, but genetics, family legacies and samskaras (generational patterns or impressions akin to grooves or ruts), racial and national consciousness, and perhaps most importantly, the qualities brought in with the individual soul. There are also references to a ‘soul-ray’ in some esoteric literature.

We all know people who seem to be over-compensating for their inner demons. A typical example would be a person who seems to meet others with a third chakra “punch to the gut”; he feels like he hits you in the belly with his power when you meet him.  Another person will feel as if he or she meets you with a gentle openness and acceptance. If their third chakra is dynamically healthy (as opposed to their simply being disempowered or fearful of rejection), then this person is living from their center, their heart; the corresponding fourth chakra.

As explained in the second chakra article, entities that are attracted to the cry for help due to pain and fear tend to lodge in the third chakra. Their tendency is to try to control and become part of the ego, and thus are generally found in the third chakra, which is already beginning to develop during this time of childhood. This is not to say that trauma induced deep fears and these other fragments of consciousness cannot come in during puberty and adulthood; a very traumatic experience, including drug-induced ones, can induce the psychic ‘openness’ necessary for them to enter, but most attach earlier. These energies from ‘outside’ (in other words, not solely an organic product of the internal workings of the person) practically always initially convince us that they are here to protect and serve us, and a few people are even aware of their presence, but most are not. So, when these generally unevolved but potent fragments of consciousness are brought into a client’s awareness, they are usually very surprised. I have not found them to be as ominous as most would presume, although a very few have been quite malevolent. This may sound fantastic to some, but it has always been very commonplace in my practice, and I have found that ancient references to such abound in sacred texts. However, if the reader is more comfortable substituting another word for ‘entities’ such as ‘energies’, that’s fine, and it will not affect the understanding of the chakra system development as given here. They are dealt with and transformed in much the same way as organic energies, but with a few very important differences.

The third chakra has a direct esoteric connection to the sixth chakra.

© Andrew M. Williams