Opening and Balancing the Chakras

This Explains How the Chakras Really Work. 

Chakra Lightbody

Opening and balancing the chakras, or energy centers, is a very misunderstood concept. The chakras are indeed able to open and to come into balance with one another and with one’s life purpose. However, the healing that takes place deep within us is the cause, and so to try to influence the chakra as an end in itself is a misperception of how the chakra system really works, and is actually a reverse understanding of the process. The analogy I use is that pushing the needle over to ‘Full’ on your car’s gas gauge wouldn’t affect the amount of gas in your tank, and in the same way, you can’t permanently force a chakra open or balance it within the entire system by applying energy. A chakra is a portal to and a reflection of the reality deep inside a person. Let’s examine each of the seven chakras from this perspective:

As our connection to living life here on mother earth, with our ‘tribe’, and with an enthusiasm for living life to its fullest is felt strongly (as opposed to wishing we were some other place), the first (root) chakra connects deeply to our home planet with all its power.

As the inner child begins to heal the old wounds and feels safe and cherished, and returns to the innocence of the magical child, the second chakra opens and returns to balance. In my practice I have found that this area of life, more than any other, contains the key to our deepest healing. And the best part is that with some expert healing guidance, we ourselves learn to provide this love and safety, so it is dependent on no one else!

As the power and personality center in the belly becomes purified and able to hold compassion within a framework of self-empowerment and truth, the third chakra opens and balances with the others. Please note; in my opinion there is no such thing as a human being ‘destroying the ego’; that is a myth. As the ego becomes purified, our personality becomes one of our most beautiful qualities, as was clearly demonstrated by Yeshua the Christ, Siddhartha Gautama the Buddha, and all the other holy enlightened ones in history.

As the heart chakra becomes free of acquired pain, and the flow of giving and receiving unconditioned love becomes reestablished, unencumbered and automatic, the fourth chakra will fully open to a beautiful and majestic balance ~ and life will begin to change dramatically! I personally find the energetic opening of the human heart to be one of the most profoundly moving and joyful things I have experienced in my practice.

At this point, the normally slow process of Kundalini or Life Force Energy release will begin to really accelerate, and the higher chakras will begin to activate themselves as this personal energy stored in the first chakra flows ‘upward’ unimpeded to them through the open portal of the heart chakra, and the Divine Prahnic Light flows ‘down’ through the crown chakra, third eye, throat, and into the heart chakra to meet it.

The throat chakra will finally begin to really open and rotate, and express destiny and life purpose. This is the true deep esoteric nature of the fifth chakra, and is much greater than simply ‘speaking your truth’ as is commonly taught, although that is also a part of it. Those familiar with the meanings of ‘dharma’ can apply the concept to this powerful chakra’s essence.

As the third eye in the sixth chakra opens, intuition becomes much more defined, and clairvoyance and visions, as well as prophetic and lucid dreams may begin. Divine guidance and inner sight can eventually be developed and refined to depths that most people would consider incredible, and hearing and understanding Higher Self instruction can become as easy as daydreaming and ‘talking to yourself’ once was. Clairsentience, clairaudience, and all such extrasensory perceptions may begin to develop, depending upon the proclivities of the individual. These can also be taught to an initiate by transmission (initiation) at this point.

As previously noted, the crown chakra will begin to open much more, allowing an expansion of the two-way stream of Divine Light, the Pranic energy which we were all designed to ‘breathe’ in through the top of our heads. This Healing White Light that replaced the lower energies found throughout the lower chakra system as the initial clearing work was being done quickens the Kundalini, or Serpent Fire energy, uncoiling from the first (sacral) chakra. The Divine White Light that is flowing in through the crown chakra intensifies as the root chakra, now deeply grounded into Mother earth, magnetically connects with it through an unrestricted chakra system, and the Kundalini energy and the White Light are now able to dynamically flow and interact together, and empower the individual in amazing ways. There are very few words in English for what I am trying to convey here, but this is the true way of “opening and balancing the chakras”. It happens as a result of this deep process of clearing and takes real devotion to your healing. Becoming an advanced healer yourself is one way to approach it. Having someone wave their hands over you slowly is not going to do it.

The chakras have special connections with each other. In my experience, the first and seventh chakras have the strongest and most energetically important connection, and I utilize this connection and the White Light almost exclusively to transmute the lower energies. The Eastern traditions are more identified with consciousness as ‘God’ and awakening the kundalini, or personal energy, to gain enlightenment or self-realization.

The teachings of Christ, the Sufis, and other Desert Wisdom traditions are more identified with the Divine White Light from the Most High as a manifestation of Divine Spirit, or ‘God’, and devotion to this concept and its practices to attain ‘enlightenment’. In my view, the truth is they are inseparable.

I am now practicing healing techniques that both bring up the kundalini energy and invoke the Divine White Light down through the crown chakra, meeting at the heart, the center of our being. 

So, there is little need for practices designed to ‘open’ the chakras above the heart until you do the inner work needed to fully open and align the first four. See my articles on the higher chakras for the wonderful experiences that await you there!

In the West, there are various chakra meditations, guided visualizations, chants, crystals, aromas, music, and many other such things designed to help with this process, including many modalities of energy healing, usually involving waving hands over the client, that are designed for “opening and balancing the chakras”. How effective they are is probably questionable, although a regular deep meditation practice is extremely helpful if not essential. There are many, many ways to heal. There are, of course, many genuine esoteric practices which will allow one to reach deep states of healing and expanded awareness, especially Eastern and Native ones. Part of the true purpose of yoga is to allow the glands to function optimally and transform the energy received through the chakras to use for evolutionary purposes. If you are able and willing to find and then devote yourself to a monastery with an authentic realized Guru, these traditions are great, but this can be a lifetime endeavor. I believe that the time for a truly enlightening method of healing adaptable to the Western lifestyle is here. Learning advanced Spiritual Energy Healing is an accelerated way of opening the door to this way of living and helping others to heal.

So, in conclusion, opening and balancing the chakras is a result of healing and enlightenment – not an end in itself. It is the deep clearing of energies that do not serve your highest good; what I call Spiritual Energy Healing, that results in an open and balanced chakra system

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Sixth Chakra Formation

Part 6 – Formation of the Higher Chakra System – Sixth Chakra (Third Eye).  

The pituitary gland is linked to the sixth chakra, or the Ajna in Sanskrit, and has an etheric resemblance to the physical eye, one of the most incredible masterpieces of human anatomy. The pituitary itself is not the third eye, it is the physical gland that channels the energy, and all chakras both send and receive energy. The third eye is especially involved with receiving energy, as information and prophetic visions, but it must be able to “send’ out energy like a flashlight or laser beam to clearly “see” with an intent. The ancient literature of the Yogic Masters of India contains most of the best written information on this subject. I have read a little of this, but most of my knowledge is based on the Mystery School from which I graduated and continuing personal experience.

In those ancient texts may also be found much authentic material on the transformative qualities of Kundalini, the ‘serpent fire’ life energy that awakens in the sacral (first) chakra, and travels upward, awakening consciousness, and the powers (siddhis) that are acquired through such experience, including the awakening of the third eye. Using Kundalini awakening techniques is very dangerous and must only be undertaken through the strict guidance of a master teacher (Guru) through years of disciplined spiritual work. However, abruptly accelerating one’s Kundalini awakening after years of training is not the only way that the third eye can be opened. This, our life force energy ebbs and flows naturally throughout our lives, and self-discovery and healing at an accelerated rate may accomplish this in an organic way that is well suited to any seeker, Eastern or Western.

One must understand that this third eye awakening is not something that you can make ‘happen’ alone and apart from the whole of your individual growth and evolutionary experience. It must be done along with a purification and clearing of the entire person, as will be reflected in the chakras and subtle bodies. It is a side effect, not the primary goal, although some rare individuals, gifted with this inner sight from childhood do seem to never lose it. There are many accounts of persons with no belief in anything spiritual that have psychic powers as well. Thus, such powers do not necessarily indicate proof of spiritual evolution, but spiritual evolution does bring such powers.

The second, third, and fourth (heart) chakras hold most of the woundedness that must be worked with and healed – through true devotion to becoming healed and clear – before the fifth and the 6th Chakra, or third eye, will become integrated, aligned and ‘open’. I often see people with a fairly open 3rd eye, but most are seeing through so many ‘veils’ that I have come to use the term “House of Mirrors” in my shorthand notes about it.

Trauma and wounds almost all originate in our childhood, at least having been ‘seeded’ there, and then become reinforced through our life’s patterns. Those traumas, fears, and wounds of all kinds are as real in the energetic realm as a knife wound is in the physical; they have shapes, colors, and many other qualities that can be used to identify them, especially of emotion, including even a (sub)personality. They always contain consciousness, usually a simple kind of ‘mind’ that seems very separate from our awareness, yet with ‘memories’ that coincide with our own. The memory of what was happening in our lives when they entered is key to the healing process. I find that they can easily be talked with, channeled through the client just as in conversation, and through that voice dialog process, they can be transformed. This happens not only through our own awareness and understanding of them, but through the energies’ understanding of themselves as well. Many could be viewed as ‘entities’, while others are clearly organically self-generated.

They almost always seem to primarily reside in the second or third chakra, with ‘tendrils’ that reach out to various locations, especially the heart chakra, localized organs, and the spine. They result in illusions and ego conditioning that manifest as our apparent reality. There is a sort of cascade through the spiritual, mental, emotional, and etheric bodies, and then into the physical, though it is not really linear.
They can manifest as almost any kind of physical illness.
Most of the illusions seem to be best thought of as ‘pictures’ held in the mental body of what we believe reality is or ‘should be’. These old wounds and traumas must come to a deep resolution, with the resulting transformation and release of the deeper illusions about ourselves and our perception of ‘reality’, in order to begin the opening and purification of the heart. The heart needs this healing before the veils around the 3rd eye can truly be opened to ‘see’ clearly. Otherwise, we will be looking through our own distortions …through a glass darkly, so to speak.

Many feel a strong desire to see auras and the sublime worlds. This is usually just an ego desire. We must embark upon an honestly motivated quest of self-discovery, to see and heal ourselves, in order clearly see others with inner sight. If followed with a sincere dedication, the arduous path of stark self-honesty will eventually lead to the opening of the heart and a sincere desire to surrender to the Divine and help others. As the eye of the heart begins to open and see itself in the mirror of compassion; to see ourselves with forgiveness and realize our own innate Divinity, we begin to be able to shed illusion and to see others in the same light. This is like a call to the Divine, and opens the channel through the fifth, sixth and seventh chakras, to our Source, God, the Divine Light; whatever name you are comfortable with. From this connection to the Sacred Divine in our crown chakra the holy and sacred flows into our lives. Then, inner vision, astounding synchronicities, guidance and intuition leading to the ability to “read minds” and other such paranormal phenomena will manifest in us, as a way to help others in ways that are not possible through traditional Western methods. These phenomena and abilities often manifest through the third eye, the sixth chakra.

The sixth chakra has an esoteric connection with the third chakra.

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