Understanding Chakras

Formation of the Lower Chakra System – 1.

This article helps you in understanding chakras and addresses commonly held misperceptions regarding opening and balancing the chakras. If you have wanted to really understand the chakra system and how it works, read on.

The seven chakra system, a part of the ancient Hindu system of energetic anatomy, has become increasingly popular in modern Western culture since the 1960’s. Each chakra, literally “turning wheel” from the original Sanskrit, is a dynamic energy vortex, a spiraling doorway into the very deepest aspects of our being, with each holding particular and similar aspects of our reality. Chakras transmit as well as receive energy, and they can be thought of as key portals into our deepest inner being.

Chakras are neither totally ‘open’ nor ‘closed’, they function with varying degrees of openness. I use a degree measurement system. (more…)