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    Andrew M. Williams

    Certified as an Advanced Energy Healer in 1997 by a true Healing Mystery School, Andrew draws upon his Sufi, Kundalini & Kryia Yoga, & Ancient Aramaic Prayer Lineages in his work.

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Spiritual Energy Healing by Andrew M. Williams

Certified Advanced Energy Healer in Fort Worth, Texas

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What is a Spiritual Energy Healer?

A spiritual energy healer is one that is able to see into the hidden aspects of their subjects and help them. Spiritual energy healing leads to the opening, balancing, and alignment of the chakras; not the other way around. However, a clear reading of the chakras can tell us about the deeper traumas and blocks that need healing and where they are located.

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Benefits of Inner Child Work

As I help you to channel your inner child, you'll remember and understand the original energies that you were surrounded with growing up, and that have shown up later in life. Distress, feelings of despair, disconnection, frustration, sadness, recurring relationship problems; all the blocks to living a happy and fulfilling life can, surprisingly enough, be traced back to the inner child.

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My Energy Healing Approach

After a brief discussion, you will relax in a serene setting, eyes closed, and receive a clairvoyant chakra scan which is recorded on your chart. An invocation to the Divine is made, and the energy will be located within your body. Modalities used may include magnetic hands, voice dialog, awareness release technique, and others. During the session your chakras will slowly open.

My Approach

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This man is absolutely amazing. His God-given gift can create a life-changing experience. I would give him 1000 stars if I could! -Laura J.

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