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What is a Spiritual Energy Healer?

A spiritual energy healer is one that is able to see into the hidden aspects of their subjects and help them, much as a shaman does for his people. Healing involves all parts of ourselves. Our physical body is, of course, the most obvious aspect. However, we also have an etheric, an emotional, a mental, and a spiritual body, known as the ‘subtle’ bodies. The deepest healing happens within these subtle aspects of ourselves. Disturbances in the physical body, or those that are about to manifest there, can be seen clairvoyantly in the etheric, a bluish grid-like pattern enveloping the physical body. You are probably familiar with the concept of emotional healing. The difference between merely saying “I forgive you” to a person and truly feeling that forgiveness in your heart is one of depth and true healing. Our mental body holds the ‘pictures’ we carry, and is the seat of our concepts about ourselves and our reality, including illusions. The spiritual body is where the most profound healing takes place, as it is the highest part of our multi-dimensional existence. Spiritual healing occurs when the soul, or causal body “gets” the lesson involved, and there is a feeling of deep completion.

Spiritual energy healing leads to the opening, balancing, and alignment of the chakras; not the other way around. However, a clear reading of the chakras can tell us about the deeper traumas and blocks that need healing and where they are located.

Benefits of Inner Child Work

The core of pain lies usually lies within the inner child.

This is a part of us that still has the consciousness of a youngster, and is located in the second chakra. We know that the first years of our lives are the formative years. Advanced energy healing typically deals with the inner child at some point. Using voice dialog process, a spiritual energy healer can speak directly to the inner child of the client, and it is just as if the young child is actually present. Using this and other techniques, I am able to help the client to remember and understand the original emotional insults, injuries and traumas that have shown up later in life. Distress, feelings of despair, feeling disconnected, frustrated, sad, recurring relationship problems; all the blocks to living a happy and fulfilling life can, surprisingly enough, be traced back to the inner child. As the origins of the problems are discovered and experienced in a very deeply focused state of awareness, they can be transformed. When the inner child becomes the magical child once again, feeling Divinely loved and safe, like they are free to run and play, the transformation is amazing!

My Advanced Energy Healing Approach

After a brief discussion, you will relax in a serene setting, eyes closed, and receive a clairvoyant chakra scan which is recorded on your chart. An invocation to the Divine is made, and the energy will be located within your body. Modalities used may include magnetic hands, voice dialog, awareness release technique, and others. During the session your chakras will slowly open.

As our awareness of the energy enters a profound state, you will be given a choice to accept its total transformation. As the heart opens to itself, compassion will rise and forgiveness for self and others will occur; the consciousness of the energy itself will be given love and freedom.

After integration of the healing, thanks is given to the Divine from which all healing flows, and you may be given some energetic homework to maintain and enhance your new state.

Chakras – Opening and Balancing

The chakras, or energy centers, are indeed able to open and come into balance.

However, the healing that takes place deep within the person is the cause, and so to try to influence the chakra as an end in itself is a misperception of how the chakra system actually works. Let’s examine each chakra from this perspective: As the connection to mother earth and enthusiasm for living here comes into alignment, the first chakra balances. As the inner child returns to the innocence of the magical child, feeling loved and safe, the second chakra returns to balance. As the personality center in the belly becomes able to hold compassion within a framework of power and truth, the third chakra balances. As the heart chakra becomes free of acquired pain and the flow of giving and receiving unconditioned love becomes automatic, the fourth chakra will open to balance and life will change dramatically.

At this point the higher chakras will begin to activate themselves. The throat chakra will start to move and begin to express dharma, or the path to your destiny and soul purpose. This is directly linked to the magical inner child in the second chakra when true healing has come in. As the third eye opens, intuition becomes more defined; clairvoyance and prophetic dreams and visions may begin. The crown chakra will begin to open more, allowing an expansion of the stream of Divine Light, the Prahnic energy that we were all designed to ‘breathe’ in through the top of our heads.

There are chakra meditations and other esoteric practices that will put one in touch with these possibilities, and learning these are fine, but they can take a lifetime. Advanced energy healing is a very accelerated way of opening the door to this way of living.

More about my Texas Energy Healing Center

I serve clients in the entire Dallas/Fort Worth (D/FW) Metroplex area with in person sessions, including Arlington, Richardson, Garland, Plano, Richland Hills, Keller, the mid-cities Hurst, Bedford, Euless, Mansfield, Crowley, Weatherford, Aledo, Cleburne, and all outlying areas. For long distance clients, phone sessions are available – national and world-wide – and are quite effective. You have your eyes closed and we are talking during both types of sessions, and energy has no time or space limitations. See ‘phone sessions’ for more information.

All sessions are done by appointment only. No adherence to any particular theology or belief system is required; all that is necessary is a sincere desire for healing and enlightenment. Many ask how many sessions will be needed. That is entirely up to the client, and depends upon many factors. When the higher chakras begin to open, possibilities that may have been unforeseen become available; not only can problems be addressed, but the advancement of spiritual development can be facilitated as well. I invite you to email or call me, and ask any questions you may have about Spiritual Energy healing from your own unique perspective. (Note: For an in depth understanding of the process, go to ‘Articles‘.)