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Benefits of Inner Child Work


The inner child is a part of us that still has the consciousness of a youngster, usually pre-school age, and is found in the second chakra. We know that the first few years of our lives are the truly formative ones. My advanced energy healing typically deals with the inner child early on. Using  a powerful modality known as ‘voice dialog process’, I can speak directly to the inner child of my client, and it is exactly as if the child is actually present and being chanelled through the client’s awareness and voice. Using this and other techniques, I am able to help my client to regress and clearly remember and understand the original emotional insults, injuries and traumas that happened, and see the effects that are now showing up later in life. Distress, feelings of despair, disconnection, frustration, saddness, anger, recurring relationship problems; all the blocks to living a happy and fulfilling life can, surprisingly enough, almost always be traced back to the inner child. As the origins of the problems are re-discovered and seen in a new, very deeply focused state of awareness, they can be transformed using the power of the client’s own heart chakra along with love, forgiveness, grace, shamanic soul retrieval, and White Light. This is not psychlogy, but a deep method of spiritual healing using several powerful techniques that can work quite rapidly. When the inner child becomes the Magical Child once again, feeling truly valued, loved, safe, and happy, like they are free to run and play, the transformation is amazing!