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Chakras – Opening and Balancing

The chakras, or energy centers, are indeed able to open and come into balance.

However, the healing that takes place deep within the person is the cause, and so to try to influence the chakra as an end in itself is a misperception of how the chakra system actually works. Let’s examine each chakra from this perspective: As the connection to mother earth and enthusiasm for living here comes into alignment, the first chakra balances. As the inner child returns to the innocence of the magical child, feeling loved and safe, the second chakra returns to balance. As the personality center in the belly becomes able to hold compassion within a framework of power and truth, the third chakra balances. As the heart chakra becomes free of acquired pain and the flow of giving and receiving unconditioned love becomes automatic, the fourth chakra will open to balance and life will change dramatically.

At this point the higher chakras will begin to activate themselves. The throat chakra will start to move and begin to express dharma, or the path to your destiny and soul purpose. This is directly linked to the magical inner child in the second chakra when true healing has come in. As the third eye opens, intuition becomes more defined; clairvoyance and prophetic dreams and visions may begin. The crown chakra will begin to open more, allowing an expansion of the stream of Divine Light, the Prahnic energy that we were all designed to ‘breathe’ in through the top of our heads.

There are chakra meditations and other esoteric practices that will put one in touch with these possibilities, and learning these are fine, but they can take a lifetime. Advanced energy healing is a very accelerated way of opening the door to this way of living.