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What is a Spiritual Energy Healer?

A spiritual energy healer is one that is able to see into the hidden aspects of their subjects and help them, much as a shaman does for his people. Healing involves all parts of ourselves. Our physical body is, of course, the most obvious aspect. However, we also have an etheric, an emotional, a mental, and a spiritual body, known as the ‘subtle’ bodies. The deepest healing happens within these subtle aspects of ourselves. Disturbances in the physical body, or those that are about to manifest there, can be seen clairvoyantly in the etheric, a bluish grid-like pattern enveloping the physical body. You are probably familiar with the concept of emotional healing. The difference between merely saying “I forgive you” to a person and truly feeling that forgiveness in your heart is one of depth and true healing. Our mental body holds the ‘pictures’ we carry, and is the seat of our concepts about ourselves and our reality, including illusions. The spiritual body is where the most profound healing takes place, as it is the highest part of our multi-dimensional existence. Spiritual healing occurs when the soul, or causal body “gets” the lesson involved, and there is a feeling of deep completion.

Spiritual energy healing leads to the opening, balancing, and alignment of the chakras; not the other way around. However, a clear reading of the chakras can tell us about the deeper traumas and blocks that need healing and where they are located.