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Chakra Qualities

Chakra Qualities

The Seven Chakra Qualities

Chakra Qualities

Please note that I am not giving corresponding colors, smell, gemstones, etcetera, because they are basically superflous. I am giving the essential characteristics that I have found and verified in actual practice and experience through the decades.

#1   Muladhara

Root, Connection to the Earth, connection to one’s Tribe, Will to Live, Enthusiam for Life on Earth-Plane, Survival. Opens in conjunction with crown chakra. 

#2  Swadhisthana

Home of the inner child, the magical inner child when healed, as well as sex and relationships. Watery, sensitive, usually where our deepest wounds and cords to and from others are found. Place where the deep pain of childhood is first felt. Has a direct relationship with the throat chakra. The second chakra is the creative power in the lower chakras; just as the fifth chakra is the creative power in the higher chakras. 

#3  Manipura

Home of personal power, seat of ego, protector, almost always where entities attach, as they like to be in control of will and power center.  Has direct relationship with sixth chakra, which is a corresponding power center in the higher chakras.

#4  Anahata

The Heart is the center of our being, where our Mother Earth and Divine connections meet; kundalini and prana. This is The Crucible, where alchemical transformation of energy happens and where love is given and received. Of all chakra qualities, this is perhaps the most profound in terms of ability to change the reality of a person. As the center of the seven chakra system, it has no pairing chakra; the heart stands alone with three physical chakras above it and three below it.

#5  Vishuddha

Solar Plexus, Tan Tien (Oriental). Manifestation in our lives on all levels, speaking our existence into Truth being only the most obvious here. Dharma, or life path, when being worked in a positive manner, is embodied here. The fifth chakra is the seat of  our destiny.

#6  Ajna

The brow center, or third eye, is the power center of the higher chakra system; visions, clairvoyance and intuitive inner sight emanate from this chakra. This chakra is where much concentration is given during kryias and mantra practice for raising the Kundalini Shakti. In healing work, this center can be used by the healer much like a laser beam, scanning for information and affecting the energy of clients.

#7  Sahasrara

Here is found the connection to God, Spirit, and the Divine. Openness to Divine Creator Spirit. All chakras are involved in both sending and receiving energy, but the crown chakra is the channel for your stream of Divine White Light energy. Opens in conjunction with the first chakra. For in-depth information based on real-life experience, see my articles opening and balancing the chakras – and – understanding chakras.


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