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Fourth Chakra Formation

Part 4 – Formation of the Lower Chakra System – Fourth Chakra, the Heart.

As a person learns to live from more centeredness in their heart chakra, or Anahata in Sanskrit, they are able to relate from a position of understanding and compassion, rather than ego defense and control. The heart is all about the giving and receiving of love, which should come as no surprise; the understanding of the human heart’s energetic function is ancient, crossing all boundaries. Love does reside in the heart, and the heart, not the mind, is the true place where deep spiritual work and the connection to the Divine is to be found. As Prahnic energy enters the crown (seventh chakra) it is flowing to the heart just as a river flows to the sea.

So, as the young person’s fourth chakra develops and begins to mature, the very ‘heart’ of the person, the identity they will carry for their entire lives, is formed. As I use the word ‘heart’, I am referring to the emotional and energetic heart chakra. This is located more toward the center of the chest than to the left, where the physical heart beats, and is literally the very center of our being, with three embodied chakras above it and three below. Naturally, as the fourth chakra develops, the physical organ itself has been developing right along as well, and is an intrinsic part of this center.

I use the term “embodied” since there is a preponderance of esoteric literature endorsing knowledge of a non-physical chakra system that goes at least one chakra below the body and far up above the head to great numbers. Of these, I can say only that I have had definite experience of the “soul star” located just above the seventh (crown) chakra. I also have had direct experience of the higher holographic ‘causal body’ above that, which seems to me to be much more than what I perceive as a ‘chakra’,  and the very high ‘monad’ which is also not a chakra to my way of perception, but an ‘oversoul’. These are beyond the scope of this article, and I may address them in a forthcoming article on non-physical chakras and dimensional realities.

All this chakra development is not quite as linear as it may sound; naturally the heart chakra, along with the rest, is present and is experiencing some degree of development from early childhood, but there is a vertical progression from the first chakra ‘upwards’ as indicated; a maturation from states of relative dormancy is taking place through the years of human experience.

The heart center of the more evolved young man or woman is learning to carry compassion and the giving and receiving of love in a mature way, and as this teenager grows up and moves forth into life, especially if their third chakra is fairly balanced, he or she will find others receive them on a deeper personal level, often asking for their advice and counsel. 

Still, there seems to be a need for deep work to be done throughout the energetic system of even the most fortunate individual. This is simply the human condition; insults and injury happen early on to the delicate child in seemingly every case. As adults, we forget just how sensitive and amazingly powerful our experience as a small child really was.

Love resides in the heart, and the heart, not the mind, is the true place where deep spiritual work and the deepest connection to the Divine takes place.

Although the heart can certainly be thought of as a higher chakra, it is so involved with the clearing of the lower energy centers that I included it in my essays on the lower chakra system. It is really in the center of our being, with three physical chakras above and three below, and stands on its own in a way that the other chakras do not; of all the chakras, the heart is the most central for us in every way.

Wounds carried in any of the chakras and subtle bodies will eventually coalesce through the spiritual, mental, and emotional subtle bodies into the etheric, which is the subtle body closest to the physical, and then from the etheric, mainly through the glands, into the physical body, and finally the tissues, especially the organs. Heart wounds are some of the deepest, and contribute greatly to the cardiac problems we find among so many today.

If I were to ask a typical recent male heart attack victim what his underlying problem was, he would probably tell me about a blockage in his cardiac arteries, and certainly diet and other lifestyle choices have a bearing on health. But, if I were to ask him why another person with the very same lifestyle choices and genetic heritage, such as a brother, has a healthy heart and he had an attack, and then I were to go on to explain the real problem as a dark red angry energy I perceive within his heart that started when he was rejected by his mother, but which was never dealt with, he would probably get angry and call me crazy or worse.

Thus, this type of energetic healing is currently only available to those who are willing to open themselves to self-discovery and whose soul has evolved to the point that they are willing to really take in and act upon what their mates, family members, and confidants have continually told them through the years that they need to see and change about themselves.

Those willing to overcome their ego’s deceptions and dedicate themselves to their inner work; those willing to critically look at themselves and their blockages; their anger, pride, pain, sorrow, isolation, frustration, disconnection, numbness, timidness, any and all of the myriad unhealed aspects people carry around inside, and to seek out help on their journey to healing and wholeness, will find a way to become more enlightened. Enlightenment is ultimately what the healing journey within is all about. Unfortunately, at present, this seems to exclude the majority, including, ironically, those who are in deep denial and need it the most. Everyone is a potential candidate insofar as the need that exists within themselves to heal in these ways. However, only the individual soul knows when the time has arrived to “knock on the door” and begin this type of inner work, and often the ego thwarts the soul’s intent in this.

Many who have undergone deep healings and initiations feel that these familial situations and ‘seeds’ of oppressive energies were chosen and planned by the individual’s soul precisely for the purpose of their soul’s healing. I, personally, feel that when Divine Spirit begins intervening directly on behalf of a person’s healing, a higher synchronicity begins to manifest that is beyond my ability to define or even describe; the poetic language of the Sufis are the only words I have found that come close to expressing the delicate majesty of this sublime Divine Choreography.

Someday, if and when the Mystery Schools of initiation into the inner work are no longer a mystery to humankind, and the consensus reality formed by the majority begins to hold a deep acceptance for schools of self-discovery and transformation as the norm and as necessary for everyone of all ages, then the crucial point of balance on the scales of human consciousness will tip, and the generations of children to come will consequently have much less need for healing. Then, the seemingly inevitable corner of woe humanity is painting itself into may be escaped, and the dawn of enlightened civilization that we have so long hoped for shall truly begin to emerge, with transformations and initiations into a Homo Superior that we can, today, only dream of.

The work must begin at home, inside each and every one of us. This is 22nd century medicine, hopefully even 21st.

It is to this end that I dedicate this information and my practice and teaching of Spiritual Energy Healing.

© Andrew M. Williams