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Telephone sessions are available by appointment, just like my in-person sessions, and are just as effective. Either type of session is just $100. My clients have universally found long distance phone sessions to be in perfect synchronicity with the needs they are experiencing in their lives, and the phone sessions seem to always be perfect for the situation. There is a marvelous synchronicity within this work that makes it so. Just as in physics, where all time and space is relative to the speed of light, in my Spiritual Energy Healing work all things are relative to the Divine White Light that heals. Since I am not only transmitting the Light being channelled through me to you instantaneously, but talking you through the entire process, remote distance healing works the same way as it does in person. Time and space does not limit energy, as scientifically proven by physicists in numerous ways. For instance, it has been proven that one atom can affect another instantaneously, even though they may be relatively great distances from one another. So, since I am not only tuned in to you energetically moment by monent, but also directing the healing session by voice in ‘real’ time, there is no problem with delay or distance. I encourage you to call me about phone sessions to answer any of your questions!

Text me to schedule a free short telephone consultation: 817-925-6824.