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How does Spiritual Energy Healing work?

Spiritual Energy Healing Process

Embrace, Release, Recieve

Through inner sight, I am able to perceive impressions, images, and information held within subtle dimensions of your being which reveal much about your reality. This chakra reading is the map I use during the Spiritual Energy Healing Process.

Old traumas, fear, suppressed emotions, and opportunistic entities attracted to them tend to coalesce in certain key areas, especially the organs and chakras. Eventually these ‘energies’ distort the biochemistry on a pure, sub-molecular level, the etheric, resulting in disease.

These distortions also affect the consciousness and personality, fostering deeply held illusions about the nature of reality and reinforcing old patterns. Recognition and change of these personal patterns, unaided, is extremely rare. When challenged, one may simply feel as if “Well, that’s just the way I am.”

Embrace, Release, Receive   

As I hold a safe, sacred space for your Spiritual Energy Healing Process, we will explore your inner corridors, identifying and shifting the energies into a very pure, focused state of awareness and discovering their origins.

Aligned with higher realms and guidance, we will embrace these unhealed and disowned aspects of yourself with forgiveness and mercy, using consciousness and the power of your own heart to transform them.

As the eye of the heart opens and sees itself in the mirror of compassion, a profound stillness and a graceful overlighting often appear. Completion with the energy at these levels results in spiritual healing, and as these newly cleared spaces within fill with light, the opportunity to deeply surrender often manifests.

Living With Energetic Awareness

How does Spiritual Energy Healing Process work?

Living with energetic awareness

This work can touch your essence, wherein lie the keys to your deepest healing, disowned and dormant within these oppressive energies. It can detect and prevent disease before it must become embodied, and will enhance intuitive insight into yourself and others, allowing for much deeper spiritual unfolding and vastly improved relationships with your loved ones.

Conditions that have prevented you from attaining more of your true potential and freedom can be released, and if self responsibility is chosen, you may rapidly accelerate your journey to wholeness and unity.

I invite you to call me to discuss Spiritual Energy Healing from your own unique perspective.

I practice in the Dallas / Fort Worth Texas area, and can provide effective phone sessions to any location in the world.

My sessions are $100 each with no minimum number.

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