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If I could give this man 10 stars I would. My experiences with him in our sessions are too out of this world to put into English words. “When the student is ready…the teacher will come”. Divine Light has brought me to this man. He has been generous with his gifts as he works with me and I am eternally grateful.

Andrew has guided me through some of the most awe inspiring sessions and my life will never be the same. I look forward to many more sessions and years of friendship with this humble and gifted man! Thank you Andrew for doing for me what no one therapist could have ever done for me. You are a true Light Worker who has only Light and Love to share with this world. ❤️🙏                                                                                                           

Emily Wreviewed Spiritual Energy Healing by Andrew M Williams  – 2017 ~ (From my Facebook page after workshops)


In one word. AMAZING! My experience has been completely life transforming. Divine light has awakened my peace and my inner harmony. I am.so appreciative of Andrew’s work…I am.completely and utterly I’m awe and immense grattitide for his approach towards healing and his transparency and respect for inner healing and restoration utilizing Chakra’s & energy…. using his pragmatic approach….his experience is a blessing for us all…if we are truely ready…and the snyergistic approach is revolutionary …it has revolutionized my entire being!!! In just 3 classes…ive learned so much….Transmuted energies frees us up to feel alive. Fully present…and sharpens our clarity to peel our layers…as an onion…for we are deep..and.beautiful Beyond measure…if.we ask for help…and get out of our own way…

Aimee D.  reviewed Spiritual Energy Healing by Andrew M Williams — 2017 ~ (From my Facebook page after workshops)


This man is absolutely amazing. His God-given gift can create a life-changing experience. I would give him 1000 stars if I could!        

Laura J.  reviewed Spiritual Energy Healing by Andrew M Williams — 2017  ~ (From my Facebook page after workshops) 


After experiencing a session with Andrew, I have no doubt in his ability to heal. He has a comforting and supportive energy, creating a safe space for vulnerability. With him facilitating, I was able to access and release deeply rooted pain that has weighed on me for decades. I feel he has helped catapult me past blocks in my journey of healing. Thank you, Andrew, for my treatment and for the work you do, for it is helping elevate the experience of each individual that seeks your healing hands.
Jessica T.  reviewed Spiritual Energy Healing by Andrew M Williams — 2017 ~ (From my Facebook page after workshops

Healing Childhood Wounds

I believe that GOD puts people in our lives at the time when we need them the most. Now in my early 50’s, I was tired of my self-defeating attitude that had plagued me since my youth.  Upon the suggestion of my sister, I met with Andrew for a one-on-one session of energy healing.  Andrew immediately made me feel at ease at our first meeting, soon after he was able to identify an area in childhood, that I believe was a root cause of my attitude towards myself and others. I am grateful for his help and I can honestly see a change in me that will continue to bring healing to my heart, soul, and mind for years to come.  Thank you Andrew. 

– M.D.  Ft Worth, TX  July 2017


Free and Happy  

My life has changed so much since our one session. I’m actually free and happy now – before I was full of anxiety. Like a sponge of other people’s distant emotions. I don’t know what I would have done without you. There were a lot of people feeding off of my energy that I have cut free. You definitely need that energy school up and running – and have a class for empaths!

– Alyssa C.

Life Changing Phone Session 

Hi Andrew, I wanted let you know how amazing our phone session has made me feel, and how my life has changed already. For the first time since I can recall I finally feel comfortable in my skin, the endless pit in my stomach has been nonexistent since that call. I have been enjoying it so much, the pointless fear of darkness and car rides is gone, I actually slept on a car ride today for about an hour and a half, my mother can’t even recall me being able to do that since I was a child. Thank you so much, you have been in my prayers every night, may you receive many blessing for the gifts you provide others. I can’t wait to continue this process in the future.

– Lacy B.

Telephone Session 

If you are skeptical about working with an energy healer begin your journey with Andrew Williams. He tailored the session to meet my individual needs, focused healing energy where it was needed and helped remove stuck energy that was interfering with my life. I felt better immediately after the session, and also noticed my body had a faster healing time from everyday scrapes and bruises – an unexpected side effect.

 – A. L.

Couples Sessions

The healing session my husband and I had with Andrew was a beautiful experience of understanding and compassion.  Andrew took plenty of time with each of us so that he could truly gain insight and understanding into our particular circumstance.  We both feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with Andrew and we are grateful for the shift in our awareness since our healings.  We both appreciate his wisdom, authenticity and integrity.  Thank you Andrew for sharing your gifts of healing with us both.  We feel we have a renewed sense of our selves and our relationship.  It is such a delight to have met Andrew and to know we can work with him again when we feel the need for assistance.

 – David and Laura,  Sealy, TX


From A Classmate  – Over The Years 

Andy and I met at the School of Energy Mastery in 1996. We learned a lot together and I have had healing sessions with him then and now. He has compassion, generosity and highly developed intuitive skill as a healer on the energetic level. If you are looking for someone to assist you in healing old wounds, doing inner child work or dealing with difficult relationships (including with your self!), he has the ability to help you help yourself.

– Daniel Blodgett, MD CA – Graduate, School of Energy Mastery, 1998

Containing the Divine Feminine

Andrew is a powerful healer. He has the gift of holding my feminine in so much safety and love that I can go in and heal those really deep wounds.

– J.K. School of Energy Mastery Graduate,  Il.

 A Transformative Experience

I have experienced two energy healing sessions with Andrew Williams. He is knowledgeable and skilled, with sensitive and effective healing techniques. I found a change in my vibration during and after each session. I can truly state that this experience was transformative. It opened up new possibilities in my life. I highly recommend this energy work to anyone willing to open to new vistas, and heal past wounds. I am so thankful to Andrew Williams for his wisdom, compassion, and skills.

– C.M.  TX

Long Distance Healing with Andrew Williams Changed my Life

God placed Andrew Williams in my life for a reason; God knew I needed to heal. Like everyone, I thought I had done a pretty good job dealing with hidden hurt, I had it packaged and neatly stowed it away. Andrew suggested doing a healing session by phone. With only a phone and fifteen hundred miles between us, I could feel his compassion as if he were here holding my hand. Andrew’s soothing and comforting voice gracefully guided me with ease. My well being was his utmost concern as we allowed my neatly packaged wounds to flow from my body. I could feel God’s love for Andrew and his love for God surrounding me as if I were being held in God’s arms. Never before had I witnessed God’s love for another person as I did with Andrew. I knew Andrew was feeling every gut wrenching raw pain right along with me and God was protecting him while healing my body, heart, and soul.
Having felt the love pass between Andrew and God, I told him I wanted to strengthen my relationship with God and feel “God’s Love” like I had felt with him. So Andrew taught me how to pray, meditate, and how to bring God into my life. Now, I can feel God’s love in my heart and I know God feels my love and faith in Him.
I always thought I knew how to forgive the way God wanted us to forgive, but in my healing session, I learned I had not. You cannot protect your heart from future hurt and still give total forgiveness.
Andrew, you were given an Incredible Gift from God, and I thank you for sharing your gift with me.

– C.H.  PA

Being of Service

I feel grateful and blessed by my association with Andrew and our healing work.  I have found him as a human being, energy healer and intuitive spiritual confidante and counselor to be open-hearted, compassionate, gentle, and powerful.  He provides a sacred and loving space for one’s own conscious awareness and healing to emerge.

Deeply honoring the Divine Feminine, as well as ALL aspects of us, with his presence and tuned-in guidance he allows the totality of our being to come through and express itself. I feel heard, held, supported and Loved as I embrace, release and receive all that he shares with and through me. Thanks Andrew for truly being a man of Divine Light and Love!

 – L.A.  TX

Respectful and non-judgmental

Your style is respectful, non-intrusive and non-judgmental. I have lots of experience with healing sessions across a range of modalities and these things cannot always be said for every practitioner. For me (as you know), feeling safe is paramount, and I felt very safe with you.

 – M.K.

Childhood Pain

Thank you, Andrew, for a very healing experience that was warm and supportive, helping me release those old blocks and childhood pain. It has freed me in so many ways. I would certainly recommend your work to others. With love,


Deep and powerful experiences with energy 

I have had such deep and powerful experiences doing energy work with Andrew. From my experience, the saying “you get back what you give” is true here; if you are willing to go the source of your pain and really look at it, you will get tremendous results with Andrew’s sessions. You can go through years of traditional “talk therapy” and never achieve the results you get with Andrew’s energy work. As a teenager, I went through several years of traditional therapy and had few positive results as compared to one energy session with Andrew.

 – T.W.  TX