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Understanding Chakras

Understanding chakras

Formation of the lower chakra system

Formation of the Lower Chakra System – 1.

This article helps you in understanding chakras and addresses commonly held misperceptions regarding opening and balancing the chakras. If you have wanted to really understand the chakra system and how it works, read on.

The seven chakra system, a part of the ancient Hindu system of energetic anatomy, has become increasingly popular in modern Western culture since the 1960’s. Each chakra, literally “turning wheel” from the original Sanskrit, is a dynamic energy vortex, a spiraling doorway into the very deepest aspects of our being, with each holding particular and similar aspects of our reality. Chakras transmit as well as receive energy, and they can be thought of as key portals into our deepest inner being.

Chakras are neither totally ‘open’ nor ‘closed’, they function with varying degrees of openness. I use a degree measurement system.I use the palms of both my hands held together at the thumbs to feel and display the degree of openness, and my index finger to measure the directional spin and speed, both in the overall sense, and in the etheric, emotional and mental bodies, and to feel various anomalies such as wobbles. The deeper aspects that are indicative of the inner reality of the client are perceived mainly through clairsentience and clairaudience, an extrasensory ‘knowing’ and ‘hearing’ that can be taught. The secondary chakras on the palms of my hands help with this, like antennae. This chakra scan is noted on paper before a session, and is a map to go in with, and is often uncannily accurate. It is possible to train a sensitive person to be able to perceive themselves and others in this way.

You cannot energetically force a chakra ‘open’. A teacher that has attained the rare ability to awaken an aspirant’s kundalini, or life-force, energy can permanently and quickly affect a student’s chakras through higher initiations, but only when the student has been made ready through a long, deeply disciplined spiritual practice. The effect upon the chakras is simply a reflection of the change in the disciple’s consciousness, not the goal.

Except for such cases, then, the charka simply ‘opens’ and ‘balances’ within the system when it is ready; in other words, as it becomes appropriate with one’s healing and life path. This is key to understanding chakras. It is not a quick process, but can be accelerated by deep experiences that bring healing and expansion of conscious awareness to the individual, such as my session work. It should be noted that “open” and even “balanced” are physical terms, and so not exactly descriptive of this non-physical state. ‘Balanced’ to me mostly means aligned with the other chakras and reflecting wholeness in the inner man or woman.

Chakras open and contract from one moment to the next and day-to-day, much like the pupil of the eye, but the baseline average degree of openness, which I am measuring during the initial scan,  will remain close to the same without the aforementioned changes in consciousness. Directional spin changes slower, and the deep consciousness held within the spiritual plane of the chakra, slower still. The change may involve the release of trauma, blockage, fear, and associated pain in all it’s myriad forms, or the transformation of other energies. To think it happens through merely waving hands, pushing or pulling energy, smelling oils, or placing crystals upon them is erroneous. Really understanding chakras took some practical work with healing for me, and the knowledge keeps increasing with practice.

To effect a significant change in a chakra requires a fundamental shift at the deepest level; the spiritual, also referred to as the ‘causal’ plane. Such a change will be felt throughout the person’s life experience afterwards, which is the objective. This change can be perceived by a healer with clairvoyant vision as a cascade of energy throughout the subtle bodies; the spiritual, mental, emotional, and etheric. From the etheric, which is a bluish grid-like overlay upon the physical body, the energies we carry filter into the physical body, often causing disease. All disease carries with it an energetic component. Spiritual Energy Healing can prevent disease from manifesting into the physical body. Although my first amendment rights should allow me to discuss the healing of disease, at present I can only say that prevention is easiest.

Let’s take an improvised example. A female client may wish to work on a block that keeps her from being able to open to her husband and to give and receive love as she wishes. She may only know that every time her husband opens up and expresses his love for her, she begins to subtly shut down and block him. She may even believe it’s actually his problem. However, during my initial scan, I perceive a black energy within her heart chakra connecting to a yellow energy held within her inner child in the second chakra, with both chakras in a fast negative spin pattern and open only around forty degrees. As I gently guide her into the heart area and help her to identify the distressed energy, we may discover that as a tender little girl, she was often severely rebuffed and emotionally punished by her father due to a problem he had with the mother, one he had brought into the marriage which had nothing to do with the child. However, with no modeling of real love by the parents and this additional trauma, the child grows up feeling inferior and unlovable by men. Through several failed romances, the maturing young woman establishes a pattern of shutting down whenever a lover truly opens his deep heart to her, but doesn’t have any idea what’s wrong. In seeking out a partner to heal this pattern with, she marries a man with which she desperately wants to find happiness, one that has a “matching” energy; he finds her shutting down pattern incredibly painful and frustrating.

With delicate guidance, as we watch the story unfold, the woman will clearly recall the process by which the energy manifested in her life. She will channel the voice of her wounded inner child longing for the love, and witness the effect it has had on her relationships, and she will feel the residual pain of all this in her emotional body, usually with a tearful emotional release. Finally an agreement is reached with the energy, the inner child, and with the woman herself using Voice Dialog Process to completely release the energy and let Divine Light fill the residual void. This is transformation at the spiritual level. The Light is real and palpable.

In more complex cases, dialog with the higher self, various implicated relatives, both living and deceased, as well as her sub-personalities may also need to happen to achieve this agreement.

Awareness moves energy

Understanding chakras

Awareness moves energy

This pure focus upon the energy allows certain techniques to be used to release and transform it and bring in a beatific healing white light from above to replace the energy. Always, the energy itself changes and begins to turn various shapes and colors as the client watches it. Perhaps it began as a dangerous black negativity, then a red anger presented, connecting to a deeper core energy of yellow fear, then, as the shift began to occur, perhaps a healing green or golden hue came in; sometimes purple, and finally white, all of which both healer and client witness simultaneously. Each color and shade has a significance and quality of emotion to it, depending upon when and where it is found within the subtle inner realms of the healee. This is a real, palpable light, but esoteric in nature; not the photon light you see with your outer eyes.

There are Prahnic breathing techniques that I have discovered which are of great service in bringing in this White Light, cascading down from on High and into the client’s crown chakra and heart. Occasionally, it appears to the client as if they are being enveloped in a “cone” of light. The client will find themselves floating in a profoundly silent but dynamic state of healing reverie, with this light infusing their heart, and finally their entire being, in a process which, although experienced routinely for over twenty years, I am still seeking to comprehend on deeper levels. With some gentle guidance, forgiveness of self and others will begin to come in, and as the eye of the heart opens and sees itself in the mirror of compassion, deep Divine Blessings may be called in. There are some prayers in ancient tongues I have discovered that seem to greatly facilitate these Blessings and help ‘seal’ the healings. Round or spherical feelings of completion and Holiness can be felt in the room, along with this White Light and sometimes the powerful presence of Divine Beings, which seem to be attracted to the process. After checking in with my client’s belief system, I always begin each session with an invocation, a “knock on the door” inviting the presence of God, the very real Angelic Realm, and the energetic presence of Divine Beings such as Christ and Mother Mary.

To return to the example, as the lesson that the energy appeared in the woman’s life to teach her is understood on the soul level, light permeates her, and true spiritual healing begins to take place on the causal plane. The heart chakra will begin to undergo a deep and permanent change. The fabric of this person’s reality is now changing before our eyes, and this can be seen in the images, patterns, and symbols woven into her subtle bodies. After a few follow-up sessions, and some easy homework I will assign, the heart chakra that was opened to about forty degrees with a black wedge shaped energy containing deep seated fear and self-hatred has become opened to ninety degrees with a sustained beautiful new feeling of acceptance for herself and her husband within it. The second chakra, seat of the inner child, will have undergone similar transformation, as well as the third. If deep spiritual progress is desired, this process, through time and effort, can lead to clearing and further opening of the higher chakras as well. However, opening the higher chakras without clearing the lower ones first is common among spiritual aspirants, and is inevitably the cause of serious problems. This is basic to understanding chakras and how they work.

So, is this “opening” of the heart chakra significant?

Yes indeed; not as an end in itself, but rather as evidence of the means to an end – the deep transformation that the original distress led to. This is understanding chakras at the deep level. Could this be attained by waving hands, shining lights or crystals, pushing or pulling energy over the client, or other such perfunctory devices, while leaving the trauma from the original childhood emotional injury still festering in the heart? I doubt it, but there are many other true ways to heal. I just do not know of any that would not take years of work. I believe that the time is here for healing to be done with conscious awareness and self-discovery by the one who is actually healing.

Each situation is unique, and the trauma that manifests in a certain way in one person can take a completely different turn in the life story of another. Read my Facebook business site article entitled ‘Unique Soul Qualities Outrank Genetics‘ (published Febuary 20, 2015)  for more on that subject.

But, please – know the difference between ‘opening’ or ‘balancing’ your chakras, and undergoing deep transformation due to healing happening in the depth of your being, which has the result of permanently opened chakras.

© Andrew M. Williams May 2010 

Practicing in the Dallas Fort Worth (D/FW) Metroplex area in-person and across the United States via phone sessions

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